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All Prices in ONE App
track the changes in key product metrics - $, pcs.
Control the situation, react to changes on time
Ward Rest gives you the confidence to make winning pricing decisions
Cloud based
Ward Rest does not require any installation or infrastructure on-premises. You can access our portal via computer, tablet and mobile.
Price history
View the history of indicators for a certain period of time to analyze the market
React - predict
You can use the service for monitoring, or you can predict future results in trading
Largest ecommerce sites monitor with Ward Rest
Frequently asked questions
Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about our competitive pricing intelligence service.
How to start using the service?
Register on the platform via email, confirm registration and use the service for free
We currently collect data by hand, why should I use Ward Rest?
A person can typically collect around 100 prices per hour by hand. Ward Rest can gather data on many millions of products per day without ever making a mistake or taking a sick day.
How often is the data refrashed?
The most popular options are daily and weekly, but Ward Rest can gather data as frequently as you need up to hourly.
Automate your routine trading processes with Ward Rest
Simplify your life
© 2020 Ward Rest. All Rights Reserved